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Best answerthe Italian mafia has the Irish mafia beat Italian Mafia, They have more Connections and alot of power. Italian Mafia DJ was born in 1984. The Albania

the Italian mafia has the Irish mafia beat

the Italian mafia has the Irish mafia beat

Italian Mafia, They have more Connections and alot of power.

Italian Mafia DJ was born in 1984.

The Albanian Mafia is toughest and the Italian Mafia is the toughest.

The Italian Mafia would surely win do to the fact that they have more fire power, more men, and are more organized. The Mexican Mafia is just basically a group of gangsters (a prison gang). So if you want to know the answer the Italian Mafia would surely win this battle. This is basically a battle between the strongest mafia (Italian Mafia) and the weakest mafia (Mexican Mafia).

Sicilian Mafia - Wikipedia

The Sicilian Mafia, also simply known as the Mafia and frequently referred to as Cosa nostra (Italian: [ˈkɔːza ˈnɔstra, ˈkɔːsa -], Sicilian: [ˈkɔːsa ˈnɔʂː(ɽ)a]; our thing ) by its members, is an Italian Mafia-terrorist-type organized crime syndicate and criminal society originating in the region of Sicily and dating to at least the 19th century.

Origins of the Mafia - HISTORY

10/29/2009 The Mafia on the Rise in Italy . In 1861, Sicily became a province of recently unified Italy. However, chaos and crime reigned across the island as the fledgling Italian government tried to ...

Initiation ritual (mafia) - Wikipedia

To become a full member of the Mafia or Cosa Nostra (both the original Sicilian Mafia or the Italian-American offshoot often known as the American Mafia ) – to become a man of honor or a made man – an aspiring member must take part in an initiation ritual or initiation ceremony.The ceremony involves significant ritual, oaths, blood, and an agreement is made to …

Mafia in the United States - Today, Italian-American History - HISTORY

9/11/2001 The American Mafia Gets Organized . In the late 1920s, a bloody power struggle known as the Castellammarese War broke out between New York City’s two biggest Italian-American criminal gangs.

List of Italian-American mobsters by organization - Wikipedia

List of Italian American mobsters; List of Mafia crime families; List of American mobsters by organization; List of criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates; References This page was last edited on 24 August 2022, at 17:54 (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3 ...

'Ndrangheta - Wikipedia

The 'Ndrangheta (/(ə n) d r ŋ ˈ ɡ ɛ t ə /, Italian: [nˈdraŋɡeta], Calabrian: [(ɳ)ˈɖɽaɲɟɪta]) is a prominent Italian Mafia-type organized crime syndicate and criminal society based in the peninsular and mountainous region of Calabria and dating back to the late 18th century. It is considered one of the most powerful organized crime groups in the world.

List of Italian Mafia crime families - Wikipedia

In the Region of Sicily the Sicilian Mafia clans and the Stidda control the area.; United States. According to the 2004 New Jersey State Commission of Investigation, there were 24 active Mafia families in the United States. In 2004, author Thomas Milhorn reported that the Mafia was active in 26 cities across the United States.

American Mafia - Wikipedia

The American Mafia, commonly referred to in North America as the Italian-American Mafia, the Mafia, or the Mob, is a highly organized Italian-American criminal society and organized crime group. The organization is often referred to by its members as Cosa Nostra (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkɔːza ˈnɔstra, ˈkɔːsa -], our thing or this thing of ours ) and by the American government as …

32 arrests in series of actions against the Italian mafia in Spain

9/20/2022 This investigation was supported by the EU-funded Project ISF4@ON, an Italian-led initiative to tackle mafia-type organised crime groups active in Europe. Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, Europol supports the 27 EU Member States in their fight against terrorism, cybercrime, and other serious and organised crime forms. ...

Spain crime: Alleged Italian ‘Ndrangheta mafia gangsters arrested …

9/21/2022 Information from Italian authorities established that two members of the organised crime group had settled in Ibiza and were allegedly involved in committing extortion. The intelligence sparked ...

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