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Best answerThey all have to be loaded The first camera was designed like a gun, with the lens capturing the action fitted in the muzzle. The camera's handler had

They all have to be loaded

They all have to be loaded

The first camera was designed like a gun, with the lens capturing the action fitted in the muzzle.

The camera's handler had to hold the camera like a gun to capture the image. It's been called shooting since.

The cast of Hunting Big Game in Africa with Gun and Camera - 1922 includes: Sidney Snow as himself

Hunting Big Game in Africa with Gun and Camera - 1922 was released on:

USA: 6 December 1922

Portugal: 18 January 1926

Ralph Bonehill has written:

'Boys Of The Fort'

'Young Hunters Of The Lake Or Out With Rod And Gun'

'Out with Gun and Camera Or The Boy Hunters in the Mountains'

'With Boone on the frontier, or, The pioneer boys of old Kentucky'

'Out With Gun and Camera (Boy Hunters)'

'The Boy Land Boomer Or Dick Arbuckle's Adventures in Oklahoma'

Gun Camera

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Life, Camera, Action – Garden Gun

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Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III DSLR Camera (Body Only) (OLD MODEL)

8/19/2007 The camera's new 63-zone evaluative metering sensor is also used for flash metering -- giving even finer metering command of the image area. If you prefer a broader area for flash metering, Custom Function II-4-1 allows shifting flash metering so that all 63 zones of the sensor are used equally to calculate flash exposures.

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Caught on camera: Woman's gun stolen on Bourbon Street

9/25/2022 On Thursday morning around 2 a.m., a security camera caught a man taking a woman's purse right out from under her.In the video, you can see the man crawling up to her without her ever turning around.

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