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Best answerThe US has an area of 3,794,101 square miles. The US has an area of 3,794,101 square miles. The US is bigger. Mongolia is about 603,909 square miles.

The US has an area of 3,794,101 square miles.

The US has an area of 3,794,101 square miles.

The US has an area of 3,794,101 square miles.

The US is bigger. Mongolia is about 603,909 square miles. The US is about 3,531,905 square miles.

3,537,441 square miles.

9,826,675 square kilometers

Get Support at Square | Square Support Center - US

Support Center. Square Support Center gives you instant access to search Square’s most up-to-date support resources. Search our Support Center by question, keyword, or topic. Browse our resources, find inspiration by exploring support resources by Product or Topic, and see What’s Trending with other Square sellers.. Our Support Center has a robust library of resources, get …

Create and Manage Discounts | Square Support Center - US

Note: If using Square for Retail, create the discount for a customer group from your Retail Dashboard. Once created in your Dashboard, the discount will apply to your assigned customer group in the Retail app on iOS and Square Register. To create a new discount or apply an existing discount for a Customer Group from the Square Point of Sale App:

Troubleshooting Contactless and Chip Reader | Square Support Center - US

Get the most life out of your Square Reader for contactless and chip by avoiding damage to the hardware. Certain attachments and environments can cause damage to Square Reader over time and shorten the lifespan of your device. To protect your device: Avoid using Square Reader in wet environments, and avoid getting water or liquid in the dip slot.

Get Started with Square Online Checkout Links

Send your customers a checkout link through an email or Square Marketing campaign, or let your customers purchase at their convenience by posting the link on social media or your blog.There is no monthly fee for using Square Online Checkout links. You’ll only pay Square standard eCommerce processing fee of 2.9% + 30 per transaction.. Note: Square Online Checkout links …

Gift Cards FAQ | Square Support Center - US

Yes. If you use multiple locationswith Square, your gift cards can be issued and redeemed at any location.. If you use eGift Cards, customers can order them online from your eGift Card order site by sharing your custom URL with them, or they can order gift cards through the Give and Get Local Directory along with other local businesses in your area that also offer eGift Cards.

Square Online Item Sync | Square Support Center - US

The category information from your Square POS doesn’t continuously sync with Square Online; however, categories can be imported one time from your Square POS to Square Online to make initial setup much easier. To import your Square POS categories to Square Online: From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items Site Categories.

Set Up and Manage Instant Transfers | Square Support Center - US

Your minimum balance must be $25 for instant transfers and $1 for same-day transfer after Square’s processing and transfer fees. New Square sellers start with a limit of one instant transfer per day of up to $2000. As you run and grow your business with Square, a higher daily transfer amount may become available.

Payment Failure Troubleshooting | Square Support Center - US

Log out and log back into the Square app. Note: Declined cards may result in pending charges on your customer’s bank statement. Square immediately sends the void notification, but it may take the bank a few business days to remove the charge. Verify Payment Information. A card’s numbers will turn red if the information entered is incorrect.

Payment Terms - Square

5/16/2022 Notwithstanding Section 34 of these terms or Section 16 of the General Terms, you understand that your failure to comply with the Network Rules or the PCI-DSS security standards, including the compromise of any Card information, may result in fines or other losses to Square. You will indemnify us and reimburse us immediately for any fines or ...

Square Terminal Troubleshooting | Square Support Center - US

Square devices are compatible with any DNS server sent to the device over DHCP as long as it works. Feel free to use your ISP’s servers, or your favorite public servers (e.g. Level3 at Supported Network Authentication Protocols. Square devices support: - WPA/WPA2 PSK - WEP (US only) They do not support: - WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

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