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Best answerThe General Sherman is a conifer. tree tule tree / general sherman google them The General Sherman tree. Yes!

The General Sherman is a conifer.

The General Sherman is a conifer.


tule tree / general sherman google them

The General Sherman tree.


General Sherman (tree) - Wikipedia

General Sherman is a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, in the U.S. state of California.By volume, it is the largest known living single-stem tree on Earth. It is estimated to be around 2,200 to 2,700 years old. While General Sherman is the largest currently living tree, it is not the largest historically ...

The General Sherman Tree - National Park Service

Dec 31, 2021 The General Sherman Tree is the world's largest tree, measured by volume. It stands 275 feet (83 m) tall, and is over 36 feet (11 m) in diameter at the base. Sequoia trunks remain wide high up. Sixty feet above the base, the Sherman Tree is 17.5 feet (5.3 m) in diameter. Visiting the General Sherman Tree. Two trails lead to the Sherman Tree.

General Sherman - Wikipedia

General Sherman is een mammoetboom (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in het Sequoia National Park in de Amerikaanse staat Californi .Met een hoogte van 83,8 meter, een diameter van 11,1 meter, een geschat stamvolume van 1487 kubieke meter en een vermoedelijke ouderdom van 2300 tot 2700 jaar behoort General Sherman tot de grootste en oudste levende wezens. ...

General Sherman Tree – Wikipedia

Das charakteristische Merkmal des General Sherman Tree mit einer Stammh he von 83,8 m und einem Brusth hendurchmesser von 825 Zentimetern ist, dass er auch im weiteren Stammverlauf einen berdurchschnittlich gro en Durchmesser aufweist, ber die Gesamth he gemittelt knapp f nf Meter. Bestimmungen des Stammvolumens dieses massiven Baumes ergaben 1975 einen …

General Grant (tree) - Wikipedia

The General Grant tree is the largest giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in the General Grant Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park in California and the second largest giant sequoia tree in the world.Once thought to be well over 2,000 years old, recent estimates suggest the General Grant tree is closer to 1,650 years old. The tree also features the third largest …

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William Tecumseh Sherman, n le 8 f vrier 1820 et mort le 14 f vrier 1891, est un militaire, homme d'affaires, enseignant et crivain am ricain.Il sert en tant que g n ral de l'Arm e de l'Union lors de la guerre de S cession, o ses talents d'officier et de strat ge sont reconnus [N 1].Cependant, il est aussi tr s critiqu pour la duret de sa politique de la terre br l e et la ...

The Largest Trees in the World - National Park Service

The General Sherman Tree is the largest in the world at 52,508 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters). The General Grant Tree is the second largest at 46,608 cubic feet (1,320 cubic meters). It is difficult to appreciate the size of the giant sequoias because neighboring trees are so large. The largest of the sequoias are as tall as an average 26 ...

Sequoia National Park - Wikipedia

Sherman Tree Trail An 0.8-mile roundtrip paved trail that descends from the parking lot to the base of the General Sherman tree and meanders through a grove of giant sequoia trees. Tunnel Log is a fallen giant sequoia tree in Sequoia National Park. The tree, which measured 275 feet (84 m) tall and 21 feet (6.4 m) in diameter, fell across a park ...

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