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Best answerJu-shan Ch'i has written: 'Lien p'u' -- subject(s): Opera, China, Theatrical makeup The cast of Hei mou tang - 2008 includes: Shan Shan He as Sihui Ta

Ju-shan Ch'i has written:

'Lien p'u' -- subject(s): Opera, China, Theatrical makeup

Ju-shan Ch'i has written:

'Lien p'u' -- subject(s): Opera, China, Theatrical makeup

The cast of Hei mou tang - 2008 includes: Shan Shan He as Sihui

Tang shan er xiong - 1976 is rated/received certificates of:

Germany:BPjM Restricted

The cast of Shan ju hua - 1982 includes: Chaoyou Li as Yu Zhenghai Ping Ni as Taozhi Wei Xu as Jin Gui

The cast of Tang shan er xiong - 1976 includes: Biu Gam Bruce Le Chiu Lee Kun Li Lieh Lo as Cheng Chao-Chun Shan Shan Ping Wang

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On 16 June 1922 Ye Ju, a general of Chen's whom Sun had attempted to exile, led an assault on Guangdong's Presidential Palace. ... The Ili Rebellion and Pei-ta-shan Incident plagued relations with the Soviet Union during Chiang's rule and caused trouble with the Uyghurs.

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Ran Ju, Tongwei Ren, and Gangshan Wu. StereoSnakes: Contour based consistent object extraction for stereo images. IEEE ICCV, 2015. Sheng-hua Zhong, Yan Liu, Feifei Ren, Jinghuan Zhang, Tongwei Ren. Video saliency detection via dynamic consistent spatio-temporal attention modelling. AAAI, 2013.

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El Kuomintang tiene sus ra ces ideol gicas y organizativas en el trabajo de Sun Yat-sen, defensor del nacionalismo chino y la democracia [cita requerida], que fund la Sociedad para la Regeneraci n de China en la capital de la Rep blica de Haw i, Honolulu, el 24 de noviembre de 1894. [3] En 1905, Sun uni fuerzas con otras sociedades antimon rquicas en Tokio para …

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Yunnan UK: / j uː ˈ n n /, US: / ˌ j uː ˈ n ɑː n / (Chinese: 云南) is a landlocked province in the southwest of the People's Republic of China.The province borders the Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan, autonomous regions of Guangxi, and Tibet as well as Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar.Yunnan is China's fourth least developed province …

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Clear Sky Clan; Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan; Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan; Titan Great Ape Clan; Dragon Clan

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Wen-Chien Lu, Yung-Jia Chan, Shu-Ju Chen, Amanda Tresiliana Mulio, Chiun-Chuan Roger. Wang, Ping-Hsiu Huang, Po- Hsien Li, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation; First Published: 22 October 2022; Abstract; PDF; Physıcochemıcal propertıes of pıne cone molasses (Pekmez) from Pinus nigra and Pinus brutia in Osmaniye.

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